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Incight Employment has one important outcome: To create contributing members of society.

Job seekers

In working toward this vision, Incight offers an important web-based resource which is a conduit for job seekers with disabilities and employers to create jobs, economic growth and more inclusion by merging the needs of both populations.Through our employment center, any person with a disability can make the transition to employment through access to postings for internships, jobs (full and part-time) and volunteer opportunities in the community.  Those with disabilities will be able to:


At Incight Employment you can find work experience opportunities, apply for real positions and get the tools that you need to develop a successful career. Incight Employment is a “one stop” location for people with disabilities who are interested in entering the working world.


Likewise, we are a valuable source of information for employers and can help you fulfill your hiring needs.  Incight can provide you with access to a diverse and qualified body of applicants.  Join us!

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If you have any questions please send us an email at employment@incight.org or visit our main website for additional infomation.